Murder on the Reef (Slected for Screening)

Murder on the Reef follows the hotly debated issues surrounding the world’s largest living structure, the Great Barrier Reef. But is it too late? Many scientists now believe as much as fifty percent of the corals in the Great Barrier Reef have died. Through a […]

The Golden Mountain (Nominated in Best Film category)

Upama (Tanuja Mukherjee) is a woman in her early seventies, living alone in an old Kolkata house. Her relationship with her only son, Soumyo (Jishuu Sengupta), has become somewhat bitter in recent times. She had single-handedly raised him after her husband’s early demise. Presently, all […]

Bent On Somnolence

Bent On Somnolence tells a deep, fictional story of how a lonely man, tortured by his insomnia, breaks free from his hamster wheel job, his money traps, and changes his life. He slaps down his drug addictions, kicks his conditioning in its ass and takes […]

MY DEAR WIFE (Selected for Screening)

Saajan and Ila a middle aged married couple, who keeps fighting with each other because over the years their marriage has turned so sour that the only way they can keep their passion alive is by taking jibes at each other all the time. Which […]

The Great Indian Road Movie

On the Life Road ‘The Great Indian Road Movie’ was visualized by travelling over fifteen thousand kilometres across seventeen states of India. This is the story of a nine year old blind boy who lives in the state of Kerala, his desire to see and […]

Ankhon Dekhi (Special Screening)

Watch the official theatrical trailer of the film, ‘Ankhon Dekhi’, the story about ‘Bauji’, a 55 year old man, who lives a dreary but eventful life in a joint family, that shares a small house cramped with people and drama. One day Bauji has an […]

HALF WIDOW (Nominated for Best Feature Film Category)

Amid the backdrop of the Kashmiri conflict, a young woman must come to grips with the disappearance of her doting husband and embarks on harrowing journey of self-discovery.   a. HALF WIDOW Nominated for Best Feature Film Category b. Antonio Cisneros Nominated for Best Cinematographer […]