My Inspired World

#IIFFB2019 Season-2 (Submission) ‘My Inspired World’ is a short film about a regular guy named Carlton who suddenly finds himself living homeless on the streets. Directed by Joseph Channell          


#IIFFB2019 Season-2 (Submission) The Disguise is an intimate film about the lives of two women in London. One is conservative, holding on to her native symbols and customs, while the other is liberal and assimilated into the western world Directed by Sandeep A. Varma


#IIFFB2019 Season-2 (Submission) How important a role does tolerance, acceptance and patience play for a woman of substance . Directed by Sri Mirajkar

For Love with Love

#IIFFB2019 Season-2 (Submission) A tale of Sonamoni, a married daughter who is sincerely taking care of her father then….. Directed by Manav Kaushik

London Singhs

#IIFFB2019 Season-2 (Submission) A true story of two kids living in London Submitted by Manjot Singh

American Hasi

#IIFFB2019 Season-2 (Submission) Tushar Singh interacts with foreign audiences for the first time, gets life-changing advice from famous comedians Directed by Laura Asherman


#IIFFB2019 Season-2 (Submission) A mother’s journey to her child’s heart through art. Directed by Nandakumar Palliyil

Jawab La Jawab

#IIFFB2019 Season-2 (Submission) A short Film showing the simplicity of Mahatma Gandhi with his sense of humour. Directed by Parviz Batada


Melancholy is about Shweta a girl who made a choice that she’s proud of. A choice that changed her life leaving a void that she yearns to fill

Samskara (Impressions)

ccording to various schools of Indian philosophy, every action, intent or preparation experienced by an individual leaves a Samskara (Impression/Impact/Imprint) in the deeper structure of his or her mind. These impressions then await volitional fruition in that individual’s future, in the form of hidden expectations, […]

Murder on the Reef (Slected for Screening)

Murder on the Reef follows the hotly debated issues surrounding the world’s largest living structure, the Great Barrier Reef. But is it too late? Many scientists now believe as much as fifty percent of the corals in the Great Barrier Reef have died. Through a […]

The Golden Mountain (Nominated in Best Film category)

Upama (Tanuja Mukherjee) is a woman in her early seventies, living alone in an old Kolkata house. Her relationship with her only son, Soumyo (Jishuu Sengupta), has become somewhat bitter in recent times. She had single-handedly raised him after her husband’s early demise. Presently, all […]