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It was scary how the film industry kept a grim silence when it was being relentlessly batteted, scorned,hounded,haunted and literally crufied by anyone and everyonr who had a vooce and specially an actress who declared some kind of a war om it. It is in this light that I take this oppurtunity to salute ms jaya bachchan,who I have always admired ,for raising her voice and speaking up for the film industry in parliament (Rajya Sabga) on september 15th. She held the House spellbound with her speech for which she is has been known ever since she has been a M P, she kept speaking while others in the industry, including her own husband were still sitting in silence, scared about what dart forces I still cant fathom. What in gods name ever happen to all those brave, bold and beautiful people when their weary future was at stake with people getting angry with all of them and threatening them with boycotts and rejection.
Ms Bachchan lashed out at some ugly powers without naming them for giving the very industry which gave them alll that they had a bad name by making it look like a world where there were only drug addicts and drug peddlers and her anger made her even.call such people who gave the industry ‘ gutter’, she raised her voice in defence of the industry which she said gave the national excheqer a very big share, was responsible for spreading messages of unity and tolerance and coming to the help of the nation in times of major calamity’s and natural disaster.
Hardly had Ms Bachchan finsished her speech when Kangana Ranaut who wasnot even named launchef a blistering attack against Ms Bachchan and in a tweet, she even dragged Ms Bachchans son and daughter Shweta, forgetting how Amitabh Bachchan had admired her as an actress only a few years ago and had even sent bookays to her in appreciation fir her work. This was the same Kangana.who had.created a hungamma in Maharashtra and specially Mumbai a week.ago and then had lleft Mumbai after letting the media know how she wad being torturef and getting sleepless nights.
And when the sounds of herscreaming was heard by her best friend in the media who is known fir hus barking and hiwling and flexing his muscles jumped into the fray with his army of panelist and his screams this time could put even the wildest of beings to shame. And I am sure that.the media has found one miore subject to keep the attention of the people awake from all the other major problems faced by the country like the pandemic, unemployment and the gravr economic crisis.
Will Ms Bacchchans voice be drownef in the seacophony of maddening sounds or will ot succeed in her bold attempt to save the reputation of the industry to which she has given more than 50 years of her life ?


She started her career as a school girl who is a crazy fan of dharmendra and became a starovernight
She acted similar role in the films that followed and shot to fame when she teamed up with a struggling actor calked Amitabh Bachchan in several films and ultimately married him and gave up acting till she came back with a controversial film like Silsila
But, she wad always known as a woman who was very strong and had strong opinion and views on every issue
Amitabh had git into trouble over the boffers run issue and if there wad one person who wad with him all through his battles, it was Jaya. The way she attacked the then prime minister VP Singh who she called ‘ weepy’ Singh was the first tine many new of the other side of her.
She was at her angry best when there was talk about Amitabh having an affair with Rekha. Obe of her friends went on records to say,’ Amitabh may have the angry young man, but, Jaya is the angry young woman behind him’ there were stories about how she ones humiliated Rekha after which Amitabh and Rekha was never seen together.
Amitabh had a serious problem with Indian Express . Jaya was in Nagpur whetethe veteran leader of the Janata Party (which is now the BJP) Nanaji Deshmukh had a school. One of the Goenkas wanted her to inaugurate a new wing of the school. I was asked to request Jaya to do what the Goenkas wanted to. I called her in Nagpur and told her about the request. She point blank refused. I told her it could affect my job and she shot back, ‘If the do anything to.you’,let me know’ Nothing was heard about the issue again
She had made another comeback as a mother this time in a film called,’Hazaar’ chaurasi ki ma.
She was shooting at. The Rajkumar Studio built and owned by the great filmmaker V.Shantaram.
She had seen the Studio in.all its glory and now Shantatams son Kiran sold of most of the property and there was only one floor left.
She asked me to call Kiran and when.Kiran came to her, she gave him a tongue lashing which I think Kiran will never forget.
Jaya Bhaduri was a strong girl even.when.she was a student at the FTII. Her closest friends, Danny Denzongpa (Danny’s original name was Tshering Pentso, but it was Jaya who asked him to take the name Danny for his career in films) Asrani and Romesh Sharma called her ‘the leader of our gang’
The domestic helps in the Bachchan house have always held her in awe and are always more scared of her losing her temper and according to friends of the family Amitabh Abhishekh and Aishwarya are also more in awe of Jaya than Amitabh.


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