Ali Fazal makes blink-and-miss appearance in 'Death On The Nile' trailer.

Ali Fazal makes blink-and-miss appearance in ‘Death On The Nile’ trailer

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New Delhi, Aug 19

The trailer of Gal Gadot-starrer Death On The Nile promises a glitzy and seductive murder mystery. However, one is left searching for Indian actor Ali Fazal, who is part of the cast but has a blink-and-miss appearance in the trailer that runs for a minute and 51 seconds.

With “Death on the Nile”, director Kenneth Branagh is returns with a new Agatha Christie adaptation, after the commercially successful and star-studded 2017 release, “Murder On The Orient Express”.

Branagh once again casts himself as the brilliant detective Hercule Poirot in his new directorial, which is about a murder of passion aboard a cruise ship on the Nile. The trailer of the classic locked room drama and it comes with a dose of glamour, emotion and mystery, weaving a story of passion and jealousy.

Actor-director Branagh again teams up with his “Murder On The Orient Express” screenwriter Michael Green for the new Agatha Christie adaptation from Twentieth Century Studios.

The plot of the film follows Poirot getting involved in a love triangle gone murderously bad while on vacation in Egypt. The film also casts Gal Gadot, Letitia Wright, Armie Hammer, Annette Bening, Sophie Okonedo, Tom Bateman, Emma Mackey, Dawn French, Rose Leslie, Jennifer Saunders, and Russell Brand, along with Indian actor Ali Fazal.

The trailer gives a sneak peak of many characters, setting base for the story. However, not much is shown about Ali’s character. In addition to his solo blink-and-miss scene in the trailer, one can spot Ali in the background of two or three scenes.

The film is slated to release in theatres on October 23.


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