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Aman Varma-starrer ‘NRI Diary’ a hit in the film fest circuit

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Mumbai, March 2  “NRI Diary”, a new film featuring actor Aman Verma, is emerging as a big winner in the film festival circuit even before release. So, far, the film has been selected in 12 different national and international film festivals.

The film got official entry in Cotton City International Film Festival, Kala Samruddhi International Film Festival, Hohe International Film Festival, Samskara International Film Festival, Shunya Online International Film Festival, Penzance International Film Festival, K Asif Chambal International Film Festival, Lakecity International Film Festival, Ayodhya Film Festival, Everest International Film Festival and World Film Fair Las Vegas.

The makers of “NRI Diary” released the film”s first look poster a while back. In the poster, on can spot Aman Verma along with Costa, Matyalda, Deva and Mohan Das. The film is about the rape and murder of a foreigner.

Scripted by Shashi Kumar and directed by Manish KP Yadav, the film has music by Raj Verma. The film is scheduled to open in May.


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