Don't let technology take over your life, says Gul Panag

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New Delhi, April 19
Actress Gul Panag, who loves using technology, says that people should not allow it to take over their life.
“I adopted technology way before others…my dependency on smart phones is much higher than other people…And I feel that if technology can make life easier, then one must adopt it. However, one must not allow it to take over his or her life…” she said.
“There is a fine distinction between making your life easier and having your life taken over and becoming a slave… I am not a slave to my phone,” Gul told IANS at the launch of multi-services travel app, Matrix Travel Companion App.
The newly launched application is a “one-stop solution” for international travellers. It covers all categories like international shopping discounts, ticket bookings, restaurant reservations and travel insurance.
Talking about the app, Gul, who is the Independent Director of Matrix Cellular, said: “It’s a one-stop solution for all international travellers simply because you’re able to address all your travel requirements in just one application…this application brings all into one ecosystem.”
Gagan Dugal, founder and CEO of Matrix Cellular, said that Matrix Travel Companion App is another contemporary product embedded with a host of services to make users stay memorable while travelling abroad.

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