For the love of diamonds
For the love of diamonds

For the love of diamonds

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By Puja Gupta

New Delhi, March 25 Diamonds never go out of fashion, but their style and shape certainly adapt to the latest runway styles.

But is diamond jewellery worth investing in right now and if so what type? Here are some diamond jewellery trends you need to know about in 2020, suggested by Ageerika Hari, Founder of Vaitaanika Jewellery.

Oversized drop earrings
‘Bigger is better’ for the upcoming season when it comes to diamond earrings. Oversized drop earrings with high sparkle aren’t just for big nights out or special occasions anymore; you can wear them to make a statement into your daily wear too. If you really want to turn heads then try something a little more elaborate. Earrings that combine gemstones in a mix of different shapes and sizes for a fun and interesting look; they capture the light, whether you’re wearing them in the day or at night.

Heart-shaped earrings
2019 saw a fashion revival of all things from the 1990s, and that includes heart prints on the catwalk and heart-shaped jewellery. Heart-shaped diamond earrings will make you feel nostalgic and are both fun and feminine.

The great thing about heart-shaped jewellery is that it can take many forms. Think small and subtle studs or oversized heart-shaped multiple diamond earrings. The best thing about heart shape earrings is that, although they are having a fashion moment now, they are timeless enough to never really go out of fashion. You can invest in heart-shaped diamond earrings now and wear them for a lifetime

Classic diamond studs
Finally, if you want to invest in timeless diamond earrings that you can wear for any occasion, then classic diamond studs are a perfect choice. Round or princess cut diamonds are the best; choose simple studs because of the way they both capture and reflect light. In fact, any diamond which has been cut to equal proportions is well suited to be worn as a stud earring. Look for studs that are set into the metal that best matches the rest of your jewellery, making it easy to coordinate the look when you want to mix and match.

Coloured diamonds
Coloured diamonds are not only for engagement rings but for anniversary rings, cocktail styles and statement rings too. Precious gems that adorn the fashion-forward include rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tanzanites and exquisite coloured diamonds, such as the radiating Fancy Yellow diamond. Coloured gemstones are becoming more and more popular in wedding bands too, as they are very eye-catching.

Pinky rings
Pinky rings are definitely another trend that is going to be big this year. These are versatile and they are also considered as a great choice for ‘anti-engagement’ rings or flaunting self-love. You can find them in an incredibly wide range of styles.

Stackable rings
Jewellery stacking is not a new concept, however, more and more brides-to-be are incorporating this trend to their bridal jewellery. This means you can now wear your engagement, wedding and eternity rings altogether. Stackable diamond rings usually consist of the main ring along with two or three thinner rings worn together for a magnificently sparkly effect. They’re currently the hottest thing in engagement bling – you can also wear one of the rings for a more casual look.

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