Gaza has become a tragic resting place for innocent children

BDC News

by Razia Mashkoor

It is a complex and deeply concerning situation in Gaza. The conflict between Israel and Hamas has indeed had devastating consequences, particularly for innocent children. The impact of war is a global concern, transcending differences in caste, color, region, or religion. It is deeply saddening to witness the suffering of children and civilians caught in the midst of this conflict.

I am at a loss for words to adequately convey my feelings for them. As a deeply emotional individual, I believe that anyone with a compassionate heart for humanity shares these sentiments.

I intentionally refrain from sharing any pictures or video clips here because I cannot bear to watch them. I’ve already witnessed enough to last a lifetime, allowing me to comprehend the horrors of war, the suffering of innocent children, and the heart-wrenching sight of their tear-stained, dust-covered faces.

The reasons and motivations behind this ongoing conflict are multifaceted, and opinions on the matter may vary. However, it is essential to remember that war often brings about widespread suffering and rarely provides lasting solutions to the underlying issues. The Quran’s emphasis on fighting for noble motives without seeking earthly rewards underscores the importance of seeking peaceful and just resolutions to conflicts whenever possible. Peaceful dialogue and diplomacy are generally seen as more effective means of resolving differences and reducing human suffering.

The conflict in Gaza is a deeply rooted geopolitical and humanitarian problem, and it has been ongoing for many years. Many people around the world share same sentiments and desire for peace and the well-being of all involved. Efforts towards a peaceful resolution are essential, and it’s crucial for the international community to work towards finding a lasting solution to this conflict.

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