International Vesak Day and 3rd Global Peace Conference in Michigan, USA

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International Vesak Day -3rd Global Peace Conference and Buddhist Festival held in Warren Michigan on Sunday, June 16, 2024 at Community Auditorium Fitzgerald High School, 23200 Ryan Rd, Warren, MI 48091, Time: 9 AM till 5 PM EST

Vesak Day is an nnual event held across the world to commemorate the Buddha and mark the three most important moments in his life: his birth, his Enlightenment, and his passing.

Buddhist practitioners gather on the day to remember and honor the Buddha’s teachings, which provide guidance around non-violent action to work towards universal peace throughout the world. International Vesak Day was first recognized by the United Nations on May 15, 1999, and in this is a one of the largest annual Buddhist festivals in the state of Michigan.

South Asian community members and several American Buddhist community’s leaders Ven Thich Tri Thuong as Senior Vice President, Ven Pimol Kamkrueng as Vice President, Ven Bhante Sankichaca as Vice President,Ven Dharmanada Mahaprabu Barua President and Mr Mahesh Wasnik Secretary General will be coordinating this event as an International Vesak Day 2024

This event attracted Buddhist practitioners and community members from near and far—including several out of state guests—and offered a taste of various ethnic cuisines including Vietnamese, Lao, Thai, Japanese, Sri Lankan, India, Bangladeshi, Cambodian and American food.

There were also several cultural performances by community groups representing Vietnam, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Korea and Japan.

This event started with a parade along the streets of Warren, and moved into a welcome ceremony which featured a time for prayer and meditation lead by distinguished community monks, as well as songs and dances by various cultural groups to celebrate the Buddha birth.

The ceremony featured a special duet singing of the U.S. National Anthem delivered by guest performers. Distinguished guests Stephanie Gray Chang who is a Michigan Senate, representing the 3rd district and local dignitaries are going to deliver speeches and remarks on multi-culturalism, interfaith tolerance, inner peace, and the importance of Buddhist teachings in the community.

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