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Kangana: Signed ‘Queen’ thinking this will never release

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Mumbai, March 7: Kangana on Sunday morning tweeted: “After almost a decade long struggle I was told I am too good an actor to be a Bollywood leading lady, curly hair and vulnerable voice made it worse, I signed Queen thinking this will never release, signed it for money with that money I went to film school in Newyork (cont)”.

She added: “In Newyork I studied screenwriting, directed a small film in California at the age of 24 which gave me a breakthrough in Hollywood, after seeing my work a big agency hired me as a director, I buried all my acting ambitions, did not have the courage to return to India (cont).”

Kangana said that the 2014 film, directed by Vikas Bahl changed her life.

“Bought a small house in the outskirts of LA in Calabasas, just when I left everything, Queen released, changed my life and Indian Cinema forever marked the Birth of a new leading lady and woman centric parallel cinema #7yearsofqueen,” she said.

The actress said that “Queen” it is not just a film for her.

“Queen is not just a film for me, it was an explosion of everything I ever deserved was kept away from me for 10 long years, everything came all at ones, it was overwhelming, I truly believe what is ours no one can take away hang in their you will get your due #7yearsofqueen,” she concluded.

“Queen” revolved around the story of a diffident girl named Rani Mehra, a diffiden who embarks on her honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam by herself after her fiance calls off their wedding


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