Kiara, Kareena
Kiara, Kareena

Kiara Advani learns the finesse of staying in frame from Kareena Kapoor

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Mumbai, Aug 31  Bollywood actress Kiara Advani shared how she learned from Kareena Kapoor to be cautious during the shoot while facing the camera so that there is no chance of going out of the frame.

Calling it “amazing”, she shared her working experience with Kareena in 2019 film ‘Good Newwz’: “There is so much to learn from her. I have learned how to face the camera from her.”

“During the shoot, I used to be so much involved in a particular sequence that many times I forgot to concentrate on the angle of the camera and lost focus. But it never happened with her and she would know where the camera is, even if it’s behind her.”

During a live show on Roposo, the ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’ actress revealed her interest in family entertainers and why she prefers to do them.

“Of late there has been a conscious drive to do films which are more family entertainers. What is cinema ultimately? You go and you want to forget everything for three hours and rejoice. That’s what I wanted to do.”

Moving ahead in the conversation, she explained her technique of doing emotional scenes: “Do it honestly, don’t fake it. Because, I have noticed and this is for my own performances, the times when I have actually felt it and done it, honestly in that scene, it has clicked with the audience. And I think the camera catches it, so that’s why just be very honest.”


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