What lip colours to pick this festive season

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New Delhi, Oct 23 (IANS) Lipstick adds another dimension to your look. If you want to play with your look, then opt for hues of orange, black or purple this festive season, says an expert.
Gunjan Gaur, Make-up Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Cosmetic Clinic, has listed some of the hottest shades.
* Classic red: The season has been all about standing out with classic red. This colour never fades and works well for every occasion.
* Play with orange: Wear orange and more of orange shades this season. The versatility of this colour is perfect to get along with any dress and works well on every skin tone.
* Shades of brown: When it comes to brown shade, it is all about a glowing look. Most of you can sport the colour with a minimalistic look, and highlight the shade.
* Get bold with purple: For this make-up look, you can either play it down by wearing a monochrome outfit or play it up by contrasting an equally bright colour with your eyeliner.
* Be dramatic with black: A strong black shade can give a little dramatic look at evening parties. It is about thick and full ombre lips that can be tried to play a different look altogether.

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