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Malayalam producer Anto Joseph pens heartfelt note in response to Kamal’s ‘Thank You’ video

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Chennai, June 8  Actor Kamal Haasan’s video thanking audiences for the tremendous success of his just released film ‘Vikram’ seems to have won the hearts of audiences across borders.

The actor had thanked audiences of different regions in their different languages. Now, well known Malayalam producer Anto Joseph has penned a heartfelt note in response to Kamal’s Malayalam video thanking Malayalam audiences for their acceptance of ‘Vikram’.

Taking to Twitter, producer Anto posted a note that read, “The video shared by Sri Kamal Hassan on Twitter fills every Malayali’s heart with deserved pride. When he says, ‘Malayalis wholeheartedly accept good cinema with no heed to barriers of language,’ it makes one want to applaud and whistle as we have done so often in the magical atmosphere of a movie theatre!

“In reality, we should be thanking Kamal Sir. ‘Vikram’ marks the re-emergence of the scintillating days of the true-blue Kamal era.

“The ‘Nayakan’ stakes his claim to the Universe – ‘Ulakam’ – yet again! For once again casting your spell on us, mesmerising us, truly crafting a memorable experience for us – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

“Our happiness spills over to note the array of Malayali stars adding lustre to his shine – Fahadh Faazil, Chemban Vinod, Narrein, Kalidas Jayaram, Girish Gangadharan. As these bright sparks of the Malayalam industry add their might to the huge success ‘Vikram’ has garnered, the barriers of language crumble and the art form called cinema rises tall and proud above all divisions.

“Lokesh Kanakaraj, who earlier enthralled us with ‘Kaithi’, ‘Master’ and ‘Managaram’ entices us again with his mastery in ‘Vikram’. A big salute to this directorial genius from across the border.

“Vijay Sethupathy, familiar to us all with his inimitable acting style leaves a deep imprint with his presence. As Kamal sir said, the three-minute appearance in the end by Suriya that se(n)t the theatres into a frenzy, leaves us waiting for more with bated breath!

“The excitement raised by Kamal sir’s words that ‘we will be together throughout in our next movie’ is beyond containing! May there be more wonderful movies and stupendous successes born of such partnerships…once again our best wishes to Kamal sir and the entire cast and crew of ‘Vikram’.”


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