Vartika Singh
Vartika Singh, Winner of Miss Diva Universe 2019, who will represent India at Miss Universe 2019 (Source: missdivaorg/Instagram)

‘Being natural is the most beautiful thing’

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By Puja Gupta  

New Delhi, Nov 14  Vartika Singh was recently crowned with the title of Miss Diva Universe 2019 and is all set to represent India at the prestigious Miss Universe 2019. In a conversation with IANSlife, the 28-year-old beauty queen shares her beauty secret, regime and favourite make-up products.

1. What’s your beauty secret?

Being natural is the most beautiful thing.. and I believe that if you are feeling beautiful you are looking beautiful.

2. What is your beauty regime?

Never sleep with make-up on. Keep your face clean and well hydrated. Drink enough water.

3. What do you do to detox your skin after putting on makeup for longer hours?

I clean my face properly and put a hydrating serum every night so that my face is ready for the next day. I sometimes put boroline when I need intense moisture and it’s the best.

4. What are the five essential makeup products in your bag?

Face mist, tinted lips and cheek balm, brown eye pencil, mascara and eyebrow pencil

5. Three makeup hacks you swear by?

You can use your lipstick as blush. Vaseline can be your highlighter. Wear red lipstick when you don’t want to wear make up and still want to look dolled up.

6. One make-up without which you can’t step out of your house?

I can’t step out without grooming my eyebrows.

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