Panjabi became 3rd language in Canada’s Parliament

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BDC News Desk –  Jan 27, 2016

Panjabi has now became the third most common language, after English and French, in the House of Commons of Canada. On Nov 2, 2015 after 20 Panjabi speaking candidates were elected to the Parliament on October, 2015.

Among the newly elected Panjabi speaking MP’s. 14 are males and 6 are females. The 430705 native Panjabi speakers make up about 1.3% of Canada’s population. The 20 Panjabi speaking MP’s represent almost 6% of the House of Commons.

The Parliament of Canada is composed of three parts: the Monarch, the Senate and the House of Commons. Each has a distinct role, but work in conjunction within the legislative process.

Here they go Panjabi (Gurmukhi) Jai ho India……….


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