Re-Start “Share My Kitchen” Meet The Mindfulness of a Proud Housewife & Entrepreneurs – Razia mashkoor

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“Share My Kitchen” is a heartfelt initiative led by volunteers from White Feather Creations. The concept involves cooking additional meals for those in need within our town, beyond what our families require. This endeavor is a compassionate effort to combat hunger in our community.

The visionary behind this noble cause is Razia Mashkoor, the founder and CEO of White Feather Creations. She conceived and implemented the idea during the pandemic, cooking for more than three months and later extending support by sharing groceries. Recognizing her limitations in cooking for everyone, Razia dedicated over six months to distributing essential “Ration” (groceries) to those facing hardships in India as well.

Razia’s passion for cooking and nourishing her own family and friends shines through in this initiative. In addition to her philanthropic efforts, she finds joy in organizing parties, showcasing her pure love for bringing people together. Through “Share My Kitchen,” Razia and the volunteers are making a meaningful impact on the lives of those struggling with hunger in our towns.

When we asked her about her passion for doing such things for the communities. Her replied was amazing…………

“I consider myself incredibly fortunate, having been spoiled by my parents, in-laws, and especially by my hubby. However, I am also grateful to be the luckiest woman on earth, having never worked for money in my entire life. It feels like a divine plan, with God guiding me to live life on my own terms.

However, witnessing the hunger and homelessness of fellow citizens at traffic lights deeply affects me. To further these efforts, I require additional support, both in terms of effort and finances. It’s essential to clarify that I’m not asking for direct monetary assistance. Instead, I’m urging you to “Buy Food” from me, enabling us to feed as many people as possible. Volunteers are also crucial to this cause, as without helping hands, our impact is limited.”

Her friends were aware of and tasted her culinary creations, thoroughly enjoying the experience. Here are some of the dishes she typically shares on her social media: her unique versions of salads, soups, lentils (Indian-style Daal), Chicken Qaurma, various types of Biryani (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian), and Mutton Qourma based on her grandparents’ cherished recipes.