Soumitra Chatterjee
The father-daughter duo, Soumitra Chatterjee and Poulami Bose, engage in a conversation with Atanu Ghosh at Times Lit Fest. (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@timeslitfestkol)

Soumitra’s daughter appeals netizens to abstain from rumour-mongering about her father’s health

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Kolkata, Oct 14  Veteran Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee’s daughter Poulomi Bose on Wednesday appealed to all netizens not to indulge in rumour-mongering about the health of her Covid-affected father.

“Amidst this time of huge anxiety over the health of my Covid-afflicted father, Soumitra Chatterjee, we are extremely upset, sad and heartbroken to find unauthorised pictures of him from the ICU and his medical bulletin being shared widely on social media,” said Bose.

Veteran Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee, who is battling with Covid-19 at Belle Vue Hospital in Kolkata, continued to remain “critical but stable”.

The octogenarian actor is responding to the medical treatment. Another Covid-19 test will be performed upon Chatterje on Wednesday, hospital sources said.

She also appealed to people, saying: “Please give him the privacy and respect that he so richly deserves. Kindly do not share such images or information and do not heed or indulge in rumour-mongering. This is the urgent appeal of my family.”

Earlier, Soumitra Chatterjee’s daughter said that her father was doing marginally better.

“He is slightly more stable. There has been improvement if only one per cent. He was removed from BI-PAP support and as of now the doctors are not considering invasive ventilation… please try and understand that I’m also human,” she wrote on her social media page on Tuesday.


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