Suraiya Tayyabji – “The Designer of Indian Flag”

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Suraiya Tayyabji – “The Designer of Indian Flag”

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“It will be necessary for us Indians — Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Parsis and all others to whom India is their home — to recognize a common flag to live and die for.”  — Mahatma Gandhi

National Flag of the country is a pride of the nation. As an Indian I love my flag, feeling safe under it and can be die for my ‘Tiranga’. It’s me and this is my feelings.

July 22, 1947 when Indian National Congress realized for a flag of India. Our late PM Jawahar Lal Nehru said “a flag not only of freedom for ourselves, but a symbol of freedom to all people.” 

“Under this flag, there is no prince and there is no peasant, no rich and no poor. There is only duty, responsibility and sacrifice.” –Sarojini Naidu

I love all saying about my ‘Tiranga’ which is dressed by Saffron, White and Green colors with Ashok Chakra. Out of all three colors Saffron: Saffron is the upper most color of the flag and is a symbol of courage and selflessness. White: The white color in the Tiranga represents honesty, peace and purity. It highlights the importance of maintaining peace in the country. Green: The green color of the flag represents faith and chivalry. It is a symbolism of prosperity, vibrancy and life.  Ashoka Chakra: The Ashoka Chakra or the Dharma Chakra (Wheel of Law) has 24 spokes and appears on the number of edicts of Ashoka. (Source: Wikipedia)

You should ask why I am talking about our Tiranga. TODAY!  I have come a crossed that our flag was designed by Suraiya Tayyabji the wife of Badruddin Tayyabiji. Till today like many others I also believe that it is designed by “Pingli Venkaiah” (Wikipedia).

English historian Trevor Royle revealed in his book The Last Days of the Raj that the final National Flag was made by Surayya Tayyabji – wife of Badruddin Tayyabji – an ICS officer in Prime Minister’s office in 1947 and niece of Sir Akbar Hydari of Hyderabad. According to Royle, the flag was designed and approved on July 17, 1947.
He wrote: “By one of those contradictions which run through India’s history, the national flag was designed by a Muslim woman , the wife of Badr-ud-Din Tyabji. Originally the tricolor was to have contained the spinning-wheel symbol (Charkha) used by Gandhi but this was a party symbol, which Tayyabji thought might strike the wrong note. After much persuasion Gandhi agreed to the wheel because the Emperor Ashoka was venerated by Hindu and Muslim alike. The flag which flew on Nehru’s car that night had been specially made by Tayyabji’s wife.”

Surayya is the reason that Saffron, White and Green fill us with patriotic admiration and it is high time we gave her what she’s due – our deepest gratitude and appreciation.

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