Tricks to preserve wedding attire

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 Lalit Dalmia collection
Lalit Dalmia collection

New Delhi, May 27 (IANS) Dry clean your wedding outfit right after your marriage ceremony is over, cover it in a clean muslin sheet and more to maintain it, says an expert.
Designer Lalit Dalmia suggests how:
* Don’t store your bridal outfit in an area where a change in temperature or humidity occurs.
* Cover it in a clean muslin sheet to protect it from light and dust.
* Don’t hang your outfit by the shoulder straps, instead hang it by the loops located inside. By using loops, you can avoid stretching of the look of the outfit.
* Dry clean it immediately after your wedding to avoid staining and discolouration.
* Don’t store your footwear with it as fumes from the leather and glue may cause damage and discoloration.
* Cover key areas of your wedding dress with uncoloured, acid-free tissue paper while travelling. You can wrap the folds with tissue paper to avoid wrinkling.
* Before placing your wedding dress in the acid-free and archival-quality wedding chest, always look for an expert to inspect your wedding outfit.

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