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BY Ali Peter John

Some love stories are for some time . Some love stories are for a long time.Some love stories are for all time and even beyond time .some love stories are on and off according to the changing times and circumstances .

This is a modern day love story which had all the chances of growing into a legendary love story like the love stories of Romeo and Juliet, Laila and Majnu and Shirin and Farhad and many other love stories about which history is ignorant of .

Hrithik ,a very handsome young man was the son of the well – known actor and filmmaker , Rakesh Roshan and the grandson of the genius of a composer , Roshan , with his maternal grandparents being the renowned filmmaker J.Om Prakash whose adopted daughter , Pinky was his mother . The beautiful Sussanne was the daughter of actor and filmmaker Sanjay Khan and Zarine . They grew up as friends and friendship gradually led to love . Their love blossomed amidst the Sylvan surroundings of Juhu which is still one of the suburbs in Mumbai with the sea and the skyscape refusing to surrender to the ravages of man in his hunger to make more and more money by changing the face of Juhu .

They completed their studies successfully even though they were madly in love , but knew that a good education was important to make life and love more meaningful. Hrithik followed in his father’s footsteps and after assisting his grandfather and father went on to become a superstar with his very first film, “Kaho Na Pyaar Hai” and never looked back . Sussanne followed her own intuition and was a leading interior designer and even as they kept making strides in their chosen professions, their love kept growing and finally love succeeded in its mission and got the two lover married , so what if Hrithik was a Hindu and Sussanne was a Muslim , they together proved that love knew no barriers of any kind .

Hrithik continued his rise to new heights of stardom and Sussanne was a very successful woman entrepreneur. Their being busy in their own professions didn’t stop them from having two handsome little sons, Hrihaan and Hredaan their ultimate gifts of love to each other .

Life was like living in paradise for them and their were no signs of anything going wrong with their true love marriage .

The Voice grew up mostly under the care and love of their gorgeous mother and with their father not leaving any time or chance to fulfil his duties as a loving husband and a doting father .They were one of the most talked about little families all over ……

Love always loves to take its tests on its devotees. And when it was love’s time to test these two lovers , something went wrong suddenly , love found a flaw in their love story and life was literally on the rocks for them. All the best attempts made to save the loved love story failed and it was like a thunderbolt for many when the one-time great lovers filed for a divorce in the Family Court and it was heart breaking to see the lovers sitting in ordinary chairs and fighting a battle royal to see what could be done about the marriage and the two sons .

After a great deal of litigation, the Courts decided to allow them a divorce on different conditions , especially about the custody of their sons . Hrithik is supposed to have paid Sussanne an alimony of a staggering sum of Rupees four hundred crores ! What a price it was to pay for losing love . What went wrong with the great love story ? Who were the “culprits”who wrecked this once beautiful love story ?
Therefore were as many answers as there people who raised questions , but the damage had been done. Hrithik and Sussanne went their own ways ending a beautiful relationship based on the foundation of what was true love for more than twenty years ……

It was however Hrihaan and Hridaan who still made them come together at different times and on different occasions and Hritik and Sussanne have been responsible parents who have never let their sons feel the pangs of separation.

Ever since the divorce, there have been any number of times when they have met in a cordial atmosphere to keep their sons happy and feel secure. They have celebrated birthdays and festivals together. They have been on exotic vacations to different parts of the world and have had a great time without any signs of their rift showing . For many of their well-wishers , it was a dream situation which they felt should have been a reality , but this beautiful arrangement all for the sake of their sons has been going strong and people have wondered how a divorced couple could be so brave to forget the bitterness of the past and behave as if nothing had gone wrong between them .

It is one more time when the one -time lovers have come together in the interest of their sons who are growing up into doubly handsome teenagers like their father once. The scare of the spread of the Corona virus couldn’t stop a mother’s love for her sons . She asked Hrithik for permission to go and stay with their sons till the virus was still in the air .

How could Hrithik who once loved her with all his life stop her, especially when it was for their sons ?

It may sound and seem strange for anyone anywhere in the world.But the family has come together and is living together in these trying times when the Corona Virus is threatening life all over.

It is said to be a temporary arrangement. But being a firm believer in true love myself ,I wonder why true love cannot work wonders or even miracles and make what is temporary , permanent . It is possible. True love cannot easily be forgotten ,because if it forgotten , it was not true love .True love is a great forgiver or it is not true love . What or who was loved cannot be unloved . We are living in a time when true love is going out of life and has to be saved .

Will Hrithik and Sussanne give true love a chance to celebrate by forgetting all that went wrong for them and building a new world of love ?

It is just wishful thinking coming from an old and strong believer in true love . The rest is in the hands of the God of Love and Hritik and Sussanne who were and will always be the beloved ones of the God of Love who is stronger than any other God .

This can be one love story which can be a lesson for all those in love, who will be in love in the time to come and for lovers who will be lovers for generations to come . In a way , Hrithik and Sussanne have through their story rendered great service to both life and love .

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