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Ali Peter John

The question is as haunting as some of her most memorable songs and has been asked several times down the years and it has been as difficult and as difficult to find answers as it is to know the secret behind her voice which has been ruling the fouls hearts and minds of people for more than eighty years .

The first time , there was a hint or a rumour about anything to do with her getting married was when a section of the industry tried to link her name with the great singer ,K.L.Saigal . But , the story did not last long and died soon .

The next time it was a little more serious when the renowned lyric director C.Ramchandra even proposed to her , but she politely turned down his proposal which some said could be the reason why he took to drinking heavily and even died because of it . It goes without saying that she sang some of her best songs under the baton of Ramchandra which included the immortal”Ae Mere Watan ke Logo “which she sang in the presence of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who shed tears while she sang .

She had a great friend in Raj Singh Doongarpur who was as good a part of the Mangeshkar family and also took vital decisions for Lata and the family , till he died.Her avid interest in International cricket came from Raj Singh who was a legendary name in the world of cricket .

However , there is one man who claims and even swears that he has seen proof of her getting married to a leading music director of the fifties, he says he would not like to reveal any details because he has great respect for both Lata and the composer who says she was married to.

It is useless to rake up such a question now when Lata is ninety and living the last glorious spell of her glorious life , but legends will always arouse curiosity.

P.S.she was once asked by my senior , Mr.R.M.Kumtakar who was a devoted admirer the same question and she had laughed sadly and said in Marathi which meant “If I had got married , what would happen to my sisters and my only brother” ? I don’t think anyone will ask that question now and if she will ever answer .

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