Yeti Footprint
'Yeti footprints' discovered by Indian army, Trump and Modi fly to Himalaya

‘Yeti footprints’ discovered by Indian army, Trump and Modi fly to Himalaya

Washington, May 1, 2019 The Indian army has claimed to have found footprints of the yeti, sparking jokes and disbelief on social media.

The army tweeted to its nearly six million followers on Monday that it had discovered “mysterious footprints of mythical beast ‘Yeti’ at the Makalu Base Camp [in the Himalayas]”.

The yeti – a giant ape-like creature – often figures in South Asian folklore.

After Indian Army tweeted the Yeti’s footprint’s photo, Trump immediately phoned Indian PM Modi.  Trump agreed to fly immediately to the Himalayan range where the Indian Army discovered the footprint.  Both leaders have agreed to use the Yeti footprint to their countries’ strategic advantage and election campaign in the ongoing elections in India and in the US next election.

Trump told reporters, “This is a great discovery by one of the biggest Army of the World.  Now, we know where Yeti lives.  We will soon catch it and use it to fight our enemies.”

Although the footprints were discovered on 9 April, the Indian Army made the discovery public only after deciding that it matched earlier theories about the yeti, according to a report in the Times of India.

Reacting to the disbelief on social media, the US President Trump said the “evidence” about the yeti had been “photographed ” and “handed over to subject matter experts at the CIA”. “So, Indian Army thought it prudent [to go public] to excite scientific discoveries and rekindle the interest.”

Twitter users reacted with excitement that the Indian army would make such a bold claim about the footprints of a “mythical beast” and agreed that it should be used for the strategic and election purpose as US President Trump suggested.



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