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Actress Zoey Deutch.

Zoey Deutch: Anxiety is my superpower

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Los Angeles, Oct 10  Actress Zoey Deutch says anxiety is her superpower and she sees it as one of her “key motivators”.

In the November cover interview for Cosmopolitan, the actress opened up about her lifelong mental health struggle, reports eonline.com.

“I came into this world with anxiety. I used to hold my breath from anxiety when I was a baby and it would make me faint,” said the 24-year-old.

Deutch, whose parents are “Back To The Future” actress Lea Thompson and “Pretty in Pink” director Howard Deutch, shared that her anxiety can be painful and all-consuming, but it keeps her centered.

“There are times when it’s debilitating,” she said, adding: “And there are times when it makes me laugh, like in the car today when I lost the plot entirely. But I actually feel like my superpower is my anxiety. It’s one of my key motivators and it’s at the center of my ambition.”

Despite her best efforts to adult successfully, Deutch joked she feels her quarter-life crisis is looming.

“I think I’m nearing it…or in it,” she admitted.

“There’s nothing I can do. I just have to ride the wave. I fully have existential thoughts. What does it all mean? How are we here? What were we put on this earth to do? Then I’m like, ‘Zoey, just stop’,” she added.


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