American men are too self-conscious: Lea Seydoux

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Paris, Nov 28 (IANS) French actress Lea Seydoux has suggested that she would be open to the idea of dating a man from the US, but she thinks they are prone to spending “too much time at the gym”.
Asked if she would date an American man, Saeydoux said: “Yeah, of course, why not? But I don’t find them very … there is something not so sexy about American men. They are too self-conscious and they spend too much time at the gym.”
The actress’s family are part of the French establishment, but she believes that her privileged background has held her back in some respects, reports
The 31-year-old told Esquire magazine: “In France, it’s hard to become someone on your own. Even if you are a superstar, they will always say, ‘Yeah, but you come from that world.’ It’s difficult to have ambition if you live in Paris.”
Seydoux, who featured in the James Bond film “Spectre”, was introspective as a youngster and would even ponder whether life was worth living.

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