Classical dancer interprets Mahabharata to resolve contemporary issues, leaves audience thrilled

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New Delhi, April 19
A jam-packed auditorium here witnessed a leading classical dancer profoundly interpreting the Mahabharata in her latest presentation. The audience — mesmerized at the performance — couldn’t help but ask for more.
Titled “Atma Rati,” it was performed by award-winning classical dancer, Dimple Kaur and presented by Sumangali Institute of Valuable Arts (SIVA).
“Aatm Rati” quite subtly explored the modern Individuals through the lens of the gigantic Mahabharata saga. It specifically explored the Gita — the “Biggest Psychotherapeutic Discourse” — with its modern nuances and implications through the powerful channel of Indian classical dance.
The production went on to reconnoiter from the discourse between Krishna and Arjuna: How he indulges in self-exploration, the self-reflection, the self-actualization and of course selfies without which the modern world remains undefined.

The production was a subtle comment on how the world might have progressed with technology, but the psychology has interestingly remained unchanged.
“I feel so delighted that I was able to share my journey with this receptive an audience. For me there is no joy like the joy which comes from within and therefore I created this production to go inwards towards the soul and the seed of every human emotion through the deeply complex ‘mahakavya’ of Mahabharata,” Kaur said.
The noted classical dancer and a practicing psychotherapist further said that she has been extremely blessed to have Sonal Mansigh, Swapna Sundari and Padma Subramaniyam as her gurus.
“Through their unrelenting support in training me and making me understand the nuances of dance, I have been able to come up with this novel production of mine ‘Aatm Rati’ and hopefully after witnessing the program the audience will be able to ease the complexities of their complex emotions through this humble effort of mine,” she added.
The event took place at the stunning Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre on Tuesday evening.

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