Javed Ali.

Javed Ali’s new song brings back the first love of your life

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Mumbai, July 14 

Singer Javed Ali is all set to come up with a new song, titled “Tujhe dekhoon”.

The upcoming track is produced by Neeraj Tiwari and directed by Aman Nautiyal.

“The whole feel of the song takes you down memory lane, to the first love of your life. The lyrics dipped in the warmth of Javed Ali’s voice does that kind of a magic. No matter how unromantic or practical a person you are, you feel something melting inside you, which eventually brings a smile on your face.”

About the lyrics, he added: “If we talk about the lyrics on an individual basis, it’s pure. It talks about all your desires and aspirations that you have when you are in love. That’s sometimes so complex to express for most of us, but the song has explained everything with utmost simplicity and innocence. That’s where the sophistication of the song lies,” Neeraj said.

Javed Ali is best known for his soulful hits “Kun Faya Kun”, “Arziyan” and “Jashn-E- Bahaara”.

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