Kajol reveals she 'likes' Raavan

Kajol reveals she ”likes” Raavan

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Mumbai, April 8  Bollywood actress Kajol has revealed that she ”likes” Raavan, that too on an occasion like Hanuman Jayanti!

On Wednesday, Kajol took to Instagram to share a photo where she can be seen reading Amish Tripathi”s book “Raavan”. The actress captioned: “Rereading my library. Sorry, I’m working!” #pickabook #friendsforlife.”

Commenting on the actress” post, author Amish Tripathi commented: “Hope you like Raavan (the book, that is!)

Replying to his comment, Kajol wrote: “like them both.”

Incidentally, Wednesday happens to be Hanuman Jayanti.

With Kajol reading the “Ram Chandra” series book and expressing her preference for “Raavan”, is there a plan to take it to the big screen, wonders fans.


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