Darran Choo
Darran Choo

(Review) Karan Patel wins hearts with quirky take on sensitive issue in debut film ‘Darran Choo’ (Rating: ****)

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Mumbai, Oct 13  “In a world where hope teeters on the edge of despair, ‘Unbroken Resolve’ shines as a powerful beacon of inspiration, reminding us that even in our

Darran Choo
Darran Choo

darkest moments, the human spirit can rise, fight back, and triumph over adversity.”

The story of ‘Daran Choo’ follows Manav Awasthi, a young man tormented by life’s challenges. He decides to end his suffering.

He has no hope left due to financial woes, family disputes, and shattered dreams. Defeated and totally down, he jumps into a lake, intending to drown himself, and succumb to the dark water. He quickly loses his consciousness and his body becomes motionless.

As he sinks to the bottom, a hand rescues him and brings him out of the water. The stranger who saved him assumes that he had slipped into the water by mistake.

But when Manav wakes up and realises he is still alive, he berates the stranger for saving his life, and tells him that he had mustered a lot of courage to kill himself. He says that he may not have the same courage again now that he knows how painful it is. The stranger, Jagga Jugadu, is a resourceful problem-solving agent as his name states.

Jugadu, the saviour, suggests a life insurance policy to provide for his family after his passing. and this changes something in Manav.

Manav likes the idea and goes along but as the plan unfolds, a second death policy emerges, giving Manav only ten days to live. Soon Manav’s life takes a new turn as his artistic skills that he never thought much about give him a new ray of hope.

He’s now a sought-after artist with a future and the irony is that as death stares in his face he wants to live. As Manav now finds all possible ways to escape death, the funny Jugadu drives Manav’s existence into a huge whirlwind!

In the face of danger, Manav and Dolly’s love deepens, his family and the community form an unbreakable bond. Resourcefulness, determination, and the bonds forged in the community guide them through a perilous journey. The climax is filled with suspense, emotion, and a heartwarming turnaround as they strive to rewrite their destiny.

We are left wondering in the end, will Manav, with the support of his family, friends, and neighbours, emerge victorious? Matters take a different turn as now a transformed and cunning Jugadu stands in the way of Manav’s new life, thwarting his attempts.

Will Manav, having navigated through adversity, manage to live on? In his debut film, writer-director Bharat Ratan takes a refreshing approach by delving into the slice-of-life genre. The film promises to bring a genuine and unfiltered portrayal of everyday life to the screen. His debut signifies not only the start of a promising career, but also a celebration of the simple moments that make life extraordinary.

Karan Patel, a household name on television, makes a scintillating debut on the big screen breathing life into the troubled, beaten-up Manav Awasthi, a tenacious soul who refuses to be bogged down by the seemingly insurmountable odds.

Karan’s reservoir of inner strength shines through his performance making you root for him. His performance is both endearing and heartwarming. Karan’s big-screen debut showcases a new dimension of his talent, leaving audiences charmed and eager for more.

This is a promising start to what is sure to be a bright career on the silver screen. In his role as Jugadu, the acclaimed Ashutosh Rana showcases his incredible versatility as he sketches up a performance which is a rollercoaster of emotions, seamlessly blending humour that leaves the audience in stitches with an air of mystery that keeps us captivated.

And just when you think you’ve got him figured out, he turns on the antagonism with a chilling intensity. Rana is a true acting powerhouse, delivering a performance that’s as entertaining as it is enigmatic.

Shot in the city of Bhopal, the cinematography and production values are standard. The ‘Daran Choo’ title track is good and the ‘Bhannat Chhokri’ track by Vijay Verma is a chart buster. As the film unfolds, the background score becomes a living, breathing character in itself, weaving its enchanting melodies throughout the narrative.

In the climactic Ram Leela, it surges with boundless energy, each note pulsating with the heartbeat of the story. The music swells and retreats, like a symphony of emotions, guiding us through the highs and lows of the characters’ journeys.

It doesn’t just complement the visuals; it breathes life into them, infusing every frame with a vibrant rhythm that resonates deep within the soul. The soundtrack is more than a backdrop; it’s the lifeblood of the film, an auditory force that lingers in our hearts long after the credits roll.

‘Daran Choo’ is an ode to the Hrishikesh Mukherjee style of filmmaking. A simple and gripping social drama with a positive message, don’t give up on life.

The film is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human heart, proving that no matter how dark the storm clouds may be, they can be conquered by the unyielding light within. Jab lagey darr, scream out ‘Darran Choo’.

This message resonates with you long after you have left the theatre. Celebrating the power of resilience and the strength of unity, reminding us that with hope and determination, even the darkest moments can lead to a brighter future.


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