The family mourns the loss of a 73-year-old woman in a shocking and scary Sudbury fire.

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The fire, which occurred at a residence on Goodman’s Hill Road, was primarily concentrated at the rear of the 9,000-square-foot home, as reported by fire officials.

A Sudbury, Massachusetts, fire on Wednesday morning claimed the life of a 73-year-old woman and resulted in injuries to two others – her son and a police officer who attempted a rescue.

The fire erupted at approximately 5 a.m. at a 9,000-square-foot residence on Goodman’s Hill Road. Hema Shahani, who was disabled, tragically could not escape the blaze.

In an interview with NBC10 Boston, her son, Jeet Shahani, expressed his shock and concern during the incident. “It was shocking and scary and very worrisome that — how much time do we have, what’s going to happen to her.”

The son who attempted to rescue his mother suffered burns, while the police officer experienced smoke inhalation. Both were hospitalized after their courageous efforts to save the former teacher but are expected to recover.

Jeet Shahani fondly remembered his mother as a gracious, inspirational, and kind person, receiving an outpouring of messages from well-wishers.

At the time of the fire, Hema Shahani, her husband, one of her sons, and her helper were all present in the house. Tragically, she was found on the first floor.


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