GV Prakash
GV Prakash

Won’t endorse online gaming, says actor GV Prakash

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Chennai, June 15  Even as reports of gullible people committing suicide after losing huge sums of money in online gaming keep coming in, actor and music director GV Prakash has made it clear that he will not act in advertisements endorsing online gaming.

The actor, who is known to lend his voice to social causes, has said that actors should not act in such advertisements and that he too will not endorse online gaming. The actor made it clear that even if offers are made to him, he would strongly reiterate that he will not act in such advertisements.

On Tuesday, the actor took part in an event to announce his film ‘Ayngaran’s’ digital premiere on OTT platform Aha. The event featured around 30 inventors who got an opportunity to showcase their inventions on the occasion.

Speaking at the event, GV Prakash, whose film ‘Ayngaran’ is about a young inventor, spoke highly of young inventors and said that inventors were way ahead of time.

He said, “I feel really great that we have showcased the life of an inventor in ‘Ayngaran’. It was based on a real person’s life but it was slightly dramatized for the sake of cinema. We were able to understand how valuable their inventions are.”


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