gunny bag baby
gunny bag baby

Miracle baby in UP stuffed in gunny bags, survives

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Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) Nov 24  A baby girl was found stuffed inside three gunny bags on the side of a Uttar Pradesh road in Meerut city.

Miraculously she has managed to survive.

She was found reportedly when people heard her wails and found her inside the sacks.

The police was called and she was rushed to a hospital.

The baby is healthy and is being treated, said the police.

“The child has been admitted to Pyarelal Hospital for treatment. The police are taking required action,” the Meerut police tweeted.

“We got a call from a locality called Shatabdi Nagar that a new born was found. A police team went there and the baby has been admitted to the district women’s hospital. She is being given proper medical treatment and doctors say she is a premature baby but healthy. All SOPs are being followed,” ASP Akhilesh Narayan Singh said.


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