Perm varsity
Perm varsity

Perm varsity shooting: All Indian students safe, says embassy

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Moscow, Sep 20  All Indian students at Russia’s Perm State University, where at least eight people were killed and 24 others injured on Monday as a gunman went on a rampage, are safe, the Indian Embassy said.

“Shocked at horrific attack at Perm State University in Russia; our deep condolences for loss of life and best wishes for early recovery of those injured. Embassy is in touch with local authorities and the representatives of Indian students. All Indian students at Perm State Medical University are safe,” the Embassy said.

A recent batch of students for the Perm State Medical University (2020-21) departed from New Delhi on August 29.

The university, one of the oldest in Russia, is located in Perm, around 1,300 km east of Moscow.


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