Yukti Kapoor
Yukti Kapoor.

Yukti Kapoor of ‘Maddam Sir’ starts her day with glass of methi water

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Mumbai, Nov 28  TV actress Yukti Kapoor, who is known for her role of SHO Karishma Singh in the popular sitcom ‘Maddam Sir’, said that it is important for

Yukti Kapoor
Yukti Kapoor.

actors to maintain their fitness, which helps their overall health.

Yukti begins her day by having a glass of methi (fenugreek) water. She then works out, beginning with planks for 10 minutes followed by 10-12 minutes of yoga practice.

She shared: “Fitness plays a very crucial role in my life. Acting as a profession, on the other hand, requires long hours of non-stop shooting with no clear idea of when one would get free in the day. During days when I am on set and I am informed that there is some time for the shot to be set up, I make it a point to utilise that time for a relaxing yoga session.”

Yukti was part of shows such as ‘Balika Vadhu’, ‘Siya Ke Ram’, ‘Laal Ishq’, ‘Agniphera’, among others.

She spoke further: “There are effective yoga asanas that not only help you relax, but also benefit your body. I also make sure to meditate for 15-20 minutes on set, which helps me to regain my calm and inner peace. This is about being present with myself, mind and body. During long shooting days, this ‘me time’ allows me to recharge my body and continue positively the rest of the day.”

‘Maddam Sir’ airs on Sony SAB.


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