A tale of the African Elephants.

Elephant undergoes laser therapy for arthritis

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Mathura (UP), June 29 

A 25-year-old handicapped elephant, suffering from arthritis, is now undergoing laser therapy at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital in Mathura.

The elephant was brought for treatment to the hospital from Amroha two days ago by its owner after its condition deteriorated.

Dr Pramod Rajput, veterinarian at the medical facility, said that preliminary examination revealed foot ailments, abnormal forelimb conformation, osteoarthritis and stunted body confirmation of its body.

The elephant was also found to be highly underweight and its poor health can be attributed to severe neglect, lack of medical attention coupled with years of poor nutrition.

The veterinarian said, “It will require long-term care and specialized treatment along with medical procedures like laser therapy and hydrotherapy before the elephant is cured.”

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